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I’m Jayme, the creative force behind Tiny Inker

What started out as a hobby 4+ years ago has since grown into something so much more. I’m an advertising copywriter by trade, and one day I decided I wanted to start drawing letters instead of just writing them. From there my love and curiosity for lettering, calligraphy, and illustration continued to grow.

Since then I’ve had the opportunity to work with many different brides and grooms on details for their special days, corporate companies for top-client events, and individuals looking to create something customized for a loved one. No matter the client, I dedicate the time and energy to perfect every detail, every design, to ensure it represents what they want and love. It’s important to me that my work reflects you, and getting to know each client is one of the best parts! Everyone comes with their own idea of something, and it’s incredible to see how each one influences and inspires me to create something unique and personalized.

No matter where you’re located, what the occasion is, or what material you need something written on, I look forward to making it come to life for you.

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